Robert Arambula: An Ultra Action Athlete

Robert Arambula: An Ultra Action Athlete

“With knowledge comes responsibility, with responsibility comes leadership, with leadership we have the power to change our surroundings and influence all generations.” – Robert “Slick” Arambula

Long time Ryno Power customer and Ryno Power athlete, commonly known as Slick, is the ultimate action sports athlete! Slick is an avid triathlete and motocross athlete. Slick’s past includes outstanding finishes at triathlons across California and around the world. Slick took a 9th place finish at the July Solana Beach Triathlon, raced in the  IRONMAN 70.3 Santa Rosa May, finished third for the Chula Vista Challenge in August, and captured a 2nd place at the Rock the Bay Tri in September.

Internationally, Slick finished 43rd at the IRONMAN 70.3 Taupo New Zealand triathlon. Most recently, Slick qualified for Age Group Nationals in Cleveland, OH. That event will determine if he will make it to the ITU World Championships in Switzerland. Slick’s goal for 2018 is to land a spot on the US team for that exact race.


When Slick isn’t swimming, running or riding a bike he is on a dirt bike competing in more competitions. Slick’s latest results include a series 2nd place for both the TWMX Terra Firma 25+ AM, and 30+ AM. Slick competed in Arenacross Sacramento, took home a 6th place and qualified for the Las Vegas Finals. Most recently, he competed in the Vet World Championships of Motocross in November.

For Training:

  • On Non-Cardio Days: Slick uses two scoops of Gladiator Pre-Workout, during training he has one bottle of Hydration Fuel, and post workout Slick uses Recovery Amino Acids from Ryno Power and our Protein
  • Cardio and Interval Training Days: 3 bottles of water with Hydration Fuel and Carbo Fuel, Recovery and Protein.

To compete in all these events, Slick sticks to a strict supplement and training routine. Slick noted that he trains with Gladiator as a pre-workout, Hydration Fuel mixed with Carbo Fuel during the training and takes both Recovery Amino Acids and Protein after each training day. On race day for a triathlon, Slick fills 4 bottles with a Ryno Power Hydration Fuel and Carbo Fuel mixture, which he uses 3 bottles during the bike and 1 during the run, he also takes 3 Recovery Amino Acids. Thirty minutes before he takes off, he takes 2 capsules of Motivation. After crossing the finish line, he takes 6 Recovery capsules and drinks a Protein shake.

Up next for Slick, he’s competing in the Southern California Gold State Downhill race in Big Bear CA in June. He’ll be racing all six of the San Diego Triathlon Series, Spring Sprint, San Diego International Triathlon, Solana Beach, Rock the Bay, Chula Vista Challenge, Xterra wetsuits Mission Bay.  He’s gearing up to compete in the IRONMAN 70.3 Santa Rosa in June, USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals in August, as well as, Lucas Oil MX Championships, Hangtown, Glen Helen and Washougal, TWMX Trans Am Vet-Classic. Talk about a guy that can really, CHARGE LIFE.