Keeping It On Two Wheels With Randy Lawrence

Keeping It On Two Wheels With Randy Lawrence

Name: Randy Lawrence

Job Title: Mechanic/ MX Trainer

Period: 1998 to Present

So, you started in moto and made your way to BMX, what was the path that led you to where you are now?

It's really a long story, our whole family rode bikes and motorcycles from day one. My brothers and Dad raced through the 80's while I switched over to freestyle BMX, skateparks and flatland. After working as a Mechanic for Doug Dubach and David Pingree, I decided to leave the moto industry and pick up racing Downhill and Dual Slalom MTB in 1995. I raced MTB as a Pro from 96'-2001.  This is where it gets crazy. I started working with Jeremy McGrath as mechanic in 98'. He was injured at the end of the 98' SX season and was going to miss the 98' outdoor season. So, I called the MTB team I was riding for and they said I could ride with their team through the 98' season. Then, I went back to work with Jeremy for 1999-2000, and with his SX only schedule I teamed up with Intense Cycles to race World Cups and Nationals through those 2 seasons. After those seasons I was offered a job at Kawasaki to work with Ezra Lusk and chose to spend two seasons with them, eventually going in-house to do testing for James Stewart and Michael Byrne. After 2004, I was over the drama and clicks within the team and decided to leave and start my own business training riders. Here I am 12 years later!

Throughout your career what are some of the accomplishments you've had.

“As a mechanic, these are the wins and titles to highlight:

  • Doug Dubach winning his first and only career SX in San Jose in 1991
  • David Pingree's first win San Jose in 1995
  • Jeremy McGrath with 25 SX wins and 3 SX Titles 1998-2000

In 2005 I started training riders and one of my first riders was Ryan Villopoto. Ryan was an amateur at the time and had just signed with Pro-Circuit. During the 4.5 years I trained him, he won Outdoor titles in 2006, 2007, 2008, 250 SX title in 2007, and rode on the Des Nationals winning team in 2006, 2007, 2008. Additionally, I trained Jake Weimer who won 4 SX races, 3 outdoor races and in 2010 won the 250 SX West Title and the East/West shootout.”


Your son Ryder is big in the BMX industry.  What influence did you have on him growing up and how he got to where he is now? 

As a two-year-old Ryder was showing a huge passion for bikes. I was taking him to skateparks on his push bikes. He started riding his PW 50 around SX tracks at two and three years old. His balance, confidence and control were at pretty high levels by the time he was three or four. At five and six he was able to start trying things and truly learning. We continued to expose Ryder to all aspects of BMX, even racing. By seven, he was on a custom-built bike which allowed him to go bigger yet still feel safe and controlled. We used to spend a lot of time at Woodward, and they had a Mega Ramp. Ryder wasn’t intimidated by the size and the very first day we went to look at it, he attempted it twice. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, he clipped it on the third try and rode a nose manual down the entire landing. The video we captured of the jump, got over 8 million views and really put Ryder on the map. Since the Mega Ramp, he has been riding massive dirt jumps and hitting backflips from the age of eight till now (age 10). He’s been winning competitions in Ramp, Dirt and Park as well as racing seriously for over a year now, earning 2 National Wins, Finishing 2nd in State, 2nd in Gold Cup, 6th at Worlds and overall 7th in the Nation.

What is your favorite Ryno Power product and why:

We use the Ryno Power Protein more than any other product for the simple fact that it can fill you up before during or after training. It tastes great, adds calories to our day and aids in recovery of broken down muscles. It also is easily digested, and my athletes can use it during competition as well as training without any stomach issues. 

What do you notice when you are using Ryno Power? And what about if you don't take it? 

As I have said before when we are training hard we use more product. This helps keep us steady and consistent with our building process and energy levels.  If we are not using the product, we have dips in our muscle building and energy levels. Whether you’re a beginner or high-level athlete, training starts with a plan and consistency.

Why do you recommend to an athlete who is on the fence about purchasing the product?

I always recommend the Ryno Power brand for all the reasons listed in the answers above. The clean ingredients, the taste, the consistency and complete line of supplements in the product line, etc. 

What are your plans for 2018 as a trainer and with Ryder:

My goals are always to help my athletes make progress with their specific craft, mainly motocross. Each year my plans are to help my athletes set their respective goals for the season and then we work to make smaller obtainable goals throughout the season to measure growth. Our plans this year with Ryder is to continue Racing BMX at a higher level through continued training and mastering the skills and the craft of racing. He will contend on State, Gold Cup, Nationals as well as Compete at the World Championships in Baku. Along with his continued progress with his Freestyle passion riding Dirt and Park. Attending Woodward a few times as well as doing shows around So. Cal. and all the while maintaining his honor roll status in the 5th grade. 

How can someone get in contact with you?

I can be contacted through my email address: or DM me on my Instagram @randylawrence4130.

My two-favorite ways to use Ryno Power protein:

When I make shakes for my family or myself, I use 2 scoops of Ryno Power Vanilla Protein, a huge scoop of peanut butter, one full banana and mix it with ice and chocolate almond milk. 

Another option I like is mixed frozen fruit, almond milk, Ryno Power Vanilla Protein, peanut butter, and a banana.