Ironman Outdoor MX 2020 Race Report

Ironman Outdoor MX 2020 Race Report

After back to back rainy weekends of the Pro Motocross Championship in Hurricane Mills, TN, Ironman withheld the storms and shaped up to be a beautiful weekend in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  Still, conditions proved technical due to recent storms.

In Moto 1 of the 250 Class, Ferrandis was in a class of his own.  Behind him a freight train of young talent came screaming behind him. Geico Honda rider Jett Lawrence, along with the Star Racing Yamaha talents of Shane McElrath & Justin Cooper all placed well in the top 10. 

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Come Moto 2, the rolls were completely reversed as Ferrandis went down in the first turn, and Jeremy Martin took the lead going into the first lap with Justin Copper in 2nd with the rest of the pack charging ahead! The boys settled into their own race pace and Justin Copper was able to rebound for a 8-2 Moto score for 4th Overall on the day. Shane McElrath was able to come back and score a 6-10 going down with Ferrandis in that 2nd Moto pile up to earn himself a 7th Overall on the day.

Impressive rides from the two Geico rookies of Jo Shimoda and Carson Mumford turning some heads with cracking the top 10. Jo ended up with an 8th Overall, and Carson grabbing a 10th Overall on the day, shows these guys have been charging through the week and ready to start contending for podiums in the years to come!

The intense amount of training & racing packed within a short period of time is already taking its toll on these elite riders.  Thankfully they are able to utilize Ryno Power's delicious Protein shakes, along with our Recovery pills that are both packed full of BCAA's & other vital nutritional supplements that allow these athletes to get back to 100% quicker - so they can Charge again the next day!

 Photos: Mike Vizer

Shane McElrath

Justin Cooper

Jett Lawrence

Hunter Lawrence

Carson Mumford

Jo Shimoda