Interbike 2017 Recap


Ryno Power had the pleasure of attending Interbike 2017 in late September. The event, located in Mandalay Bay’s convention center was the main attraction to thousands of people looking at the “next big thing” in the bike world. From dealers, to buyers, and everything in between, local shops, tires, clothes and nutrition, Interbike 2017 was the yearly opportunity for the bicycle community to meet and talk business.

Among the hundreds of people, the Ryno Power team met and connected with, we had some standout visitors that stopped by the booth. Ryno Power athletes, Aaron Gwin, Anneke Beerten and Rachel Strait each came by for a chat and to talk about their season. Brand Ambassador Micky Dymond also stopped by and gave us a preview of his recently released book, The Legends of the Road. Additionally, we had news outlets Road Bike Action and Action Sports Journal both at the booth conducting interviews on day two with President and Owner, Ryan McCarthy.

This year’s Interbike was particularly special for Ryno Power because we announced that we will be releasing a bar and gels in the near future. It was exciting to get feedback from trusted sources on our proposed bar and to see everyone’s faces light up when we told them the exciting news! Also, as our Hydration Fuel is the newest product to the line, it was a featured in the special New Product Category for the show and had major visibility on display.

As the convention is mainly for companies to show dealers what they can stock and sell through their distribution, it was great to catch up with a few of our dealers such as BTI Inc. (Bicycle Technologies International) and even Lusty Industries all the way from Australia. We showcased a new setup for dealers to promote the brand in shops across the world and spent a lot of time chatting about new ideas. We also had some of our brand representatives in attendance from Florida, Arizona and Louisiana and spent time learning what tools they use for major success.

The event, held in Las Vegas, NV called for some fun time as well. The Ryno Power team spent the evenings gathered with clients and industry friends for dinner and drinks. One evening, we were taken up to the Foundation Room on the 62nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, it is a private bar that has a view that looks out over the entire strip. The room is dimly lit to offer the best view of the dazzling city off in the distance. Just the perks of working in a fun industry!

The event was a huge success overall, meeting so many awesome people in the industry and connecting with other brands who want to promote one another. We signed up athletes, connected with event promoters, met possible dealers, sampled Hydration Fuel and communicated with friends from Colombia and other South American countries that are eager to promote the product as well. We can’t wait for Interbike 2018, in Lake Tahoe, NV!