How MX Riders Increase Flexibility with Yoga and Stretching

How MX Riders Increase Flexibility with Yoga and Stretching

Some people might be surprised to hear that stretching and yoga to increase flexibility are a popular addition to motocross training. If you race motocross yourself and are looking for that competitive edge, yoga might be a good addition.

Stretching and Yoga: What’s the Difference?

You probably know a little bit about yoga. Fancy poses, controlled breathing, stretching out the body. So fancy stretching, right? The truth is that yoga is actually a little more demanding. While stretching is a part of the practice, they aren’t the same thing. Yoga requires balance more often than stretching does. It also requires the strength hold the poses for varied lengths of time.

Yoga Will Increase Flexibility

If you’re about to hit the track, or do an intense workout, warming up helps reduce your chances of injury. Yoga can double as both the warm-up and workout. In addition to its flexibility benefits, it builds core strength, stability, and focuses your mind. Your body will build up warmth and the sustained poses and stretches will gradually increase your flexibility over time.

How it Fits in with Your Motocross Training

Still not sure if you should add yoga to your training regimen? Many athletes believe that one form of training is enough, but focusing on one style actually limits your growth potential. There are many misconceptions regarding motocross training. Stories of riders who burn out or plateau while pushing for harder, faster, and longer races without variation. Improvements come from working on your riding style and meditating on other ways to improve your racing game. Your body is part of your toolkit, and it will not be honed entirely on the track. Practices like yoga will help build effectiveness on and off the track. Remember to focus on your breathing throughout your workout and track performance.

The addition of stretching and yoga to your motocross training regimen will not only increase flexibility, but strengthen your prowess in other ways as well. It’s important to keep a fresh and varied workout routine, as well as to build strength, balance, and a clear state of mind to improve your performance.